I work with lively and hopelessly in love couples

An Exclusive Invitation into My World:

Growing up, I only ever dreamed of being an actress, but it was when I witnessed my engineer dad in his unofficial family photographer duties that my curiosity of photography was sparked. He would always show up to our big, Arab family dinners with a camera in hand ready to snap a shot of my uncles and aunts very passionately sharing stories of their youth.

who are captivated by their dreams of experiencing the rest of their lives together.

 I realize now that one of the greatest blessings I’ve since received is my ability to see things from an angle that other people may not, just like my dad did. It’s why photography has been the leading light in my journey all these years and why I continue to thrive in this industry. 

I’ve been in the photography business for over ten years now and I couldn’t imagine being in any other career. Not only does my craft stem from my heart, but I’m also professionally trained on the mechanics of imagery through receiving my bachelor’s degree in photography from WSU in the heart of Detroit.

My style of work is a staple in how I choose to show up in the world. I try to capture the authentic and wholesome traits of my couples so that they recognize how pure their love is and how it really feels to be embraced by the person you love most. I know firsthand how grounding it is to walk through life with someone who not only brings out the best in you, but will also willingly revise your emails when you need that. My husband Lou and I currently live in Metro-Detroit where I fully immerse myself into a world where images speak the unspoken and shine a spotlight on love that is meant to last.

 for couples who crave the classics and a good time.

If you haven’t realized it yet,

I love love and that is emulated in my photography.

I'm that mushy romantic type... 

I’ve been there, done that! I’ve been married to my husband Lou for 5 years and he is my person - even despite his minimal interest in breaking it down with me on every dance floor in sight.

If you know anything about Lebanese people, you’d know that our dancing shoes are always on and ready to go (except my husband haha). It’s because of that, me and my photo team are right there with you ready to celebrate you. 

that captures those cute teary eyed moments while getting teary eyed myself.

the wedding experience

Meet the team

Louay Samadi

Ahmed Badr

Iyah Hussein

Business and Operations Manager 

Lead Photographer + Cinematographer 

Photo Assistant

Inspired by Jessica’s passion for photography, Louay, aka Lou, stepped into the world of tuxedos and white dresses with the pure intention to support his wife’s business. Lou brings an operative lens to the team as he focuses on strategic development and advancement. His contributions to the JTH team allows the creative partners to focus on delivering moments that encapsulate a couple's love - while Lou works the spreadsheets. His corporate background provides undoubted value and ensures that JTH Photography functions at its fullest potential. Lou married into this world and wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Ahmed decided to take a leap of faith and leave his 12-year marketing and advertising career, it was only then that he realized he just stepped into his purpose. Named one of Detroit’s best photographers of 2022 by the Arab American National Museum, Ahmed brings a breadth of thoughtfulness to his craft. He channels his energy to take couples back to the very feelings, sounds, and smells of the moments captured on such special occasions. Driven by the power of a single photo, Ahmed grounds himself in the vision behind a couples’ happiest moments and curates a visual representation of their love. In addition to his talent, he holds the title for “Every Groom’s Greatest Hype Man” and is always making everybody laugh during these special days. 

Iyah has a natural eye for photography that was stumbled upon by accident - let’s call it serendipity. When she tagged along to a friend’s photoshoot with Jessica, Iyah’s regard for detail and creative contributions caught Jessica’s attention. She joined the team with the intention of contributing to a style of work that is unique, heart-centered, and memorable. Surrounded by a team that inspires her daily, Iyah’s empathic energy and driven spirit compliments the full JTH experience curated for each couple. She shows up to each event ensuring the bride’s dress is uncrimped, the groom’s tie is straight, and the whole wedding party is ready to have the time of their lives celebrating two of their favorite people.

In a world of rehearsal dinners and itineraries, 

I’m always looking for those subtle, unscripted moments that are often overlooked. 

You know, like…

That unanticipated sparkle in a groom’s eyes as he catches the first glimpse of his bride…

The forehead kiss from a father to his not-so-little-girl as a reminder that he will always be her first man…

The reminiscence of a grandmother at the edge of the dance floor as she prays for nothing less than a love as deeply rooted as hers…

A mother trembling through both her excitement and her nerves as she clasps the necklace she bought to ensure her daughter makes the most stunning bride…

kind words from past clients

“By the end of the day I truly felt like Jessica was another sister.”

Hana Sharif


Zainab Tarjoman

“She makes you feel like a friend. I can’t thank her enough!"

Sukayna Sareini

"One of the sweetest & funniest people, and helped us feel comfortable."

Malissa Madarani

“I cannot stress enough how fun working with Jessica was!"

Mallak Anani